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Stories of Summer 2018: Adventures with God

As the trip that took a huge chunk of my summer, it was the most significant in my personal growth. Because it was my first time leading a team as the only staff, I had to wrestle through fears and anxieties while constantly wondering if I was doing a good job as a leader. I was forced to rely on the Holy Spirit in all aspects and to continuously seek wisdom from the Lord. There is so much to share, but take a look at the following video that one of my team members made to get a brief overview of the trip.

Our trip actually began with Korea Conference in Jeju Island (제주선교대회) hosted by Korea CCC. It was a mission explo focused on reaching Jeju to Christ, with the usual components of passionate worship, prayer, and rallying up college students to commit their lives to the cause of the Gospel.

We also had a session just for SOON Movement (USA KCCC) members.

Worshipping alongside 28,000 others (10,000 Korean college students+15,000 Jeju church members+3,000 college students from overseas) who seek God and His kingdom gave us a taste of what fulfilling the Great Commission will be like. It really stirred up our hearts for our mission trip in Vietnam.  

Although I had gone to Vietnam last summer, this mission ended up being drastically different because of the new policies that were implemented by the government just couple months prior to us arriving. It had been a communist country, but in the years past, it hadn’t been as strict as China or North Korea. Cyber laws took place that forced me and my team to be extra cautious and avoid ministry lingo in all forms of electronic communication. What it affected the most, however, was our evangelism approach. We could no longer do cold call evangelism with students on campus because of heightened sensitivity to Christianity, so we had to go through a process of developing friendships in order to be able to share the gospel effectively.


Flyering for the event. We went to 6+ different campuses to approach and to get contacts of over 400 students.

Our goal for the Cultural X-Change Party was to get to know the students and get sign-ups for English classes. About 70-80 students attended! 


Having to tend to administrative and behind-the-scenes work, there weren’t many opportunities for me to share the gospel 1 on 1. However, towards the end of the mission trip, one of the cafe workers (in the bottom left pic right next to me) of the cafe where we held our English classes initiated a conversation with me that led me to make a personal appointment with her and share the 4-Spiritual Laws. Having come from a Buddhist family, she never gave much thought to religion and seemed to resort to agnosticism. Thankfully, she was very attentive and engaged while I shared, and although she didn’t receive Christ, she said she got a perspective shift and it got her to start thinking.

Among the many praise reports from our trip, I was really thankful for our team. My prayers as their staff was for them to understand God’s heart for the world, experience the power of the Gospel, and to adopt the Great Commission as their personal calling. I wanted them to return home with a changed vision and renewed heart for their respective campuses. By the end of the trip, I was in awe of how faithfully God had answered my prayers. I was able to witness the process of their growth and change throughout the mission trip. And I was able to hear them share their personal convictions of how they want to live back at home.

EV Stats (Praise God!)

Spiritual Conversation
Shared Gospel & gave opportunity to receive Christ
Prayed to receive Christ & connected to discipler