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240 were reach out to 203 individual conversations 88 spiritual conversations 23 Gospel Presentation 7 made the decision to follow Christ 65 Social Media post GOD WAS SO FAITHFUL IN STIRRING THE HEARTS OF OUR STUDENTS Praise God for that He has done in moving the hearts of our students to share their faith by […]

STUDENT’S TESTIMONY Ask, and it shall be given unto you. When I first went witnessing, my heart was so rotten. I was definitely self-righteous. I think I went into it thinking that this was the ultimate level of “holy.” I was trying to do all these works to feel worthy of God’s love, but this […]

student’s testimony- bst This story really helps me to go witnessing When I initially checked the box that said I commit to BST, I didn’t think much of it besides the fact that having the experience couldn’t hurt. As I look back on my first semester of college, the few things that i take to […]

CAMPUS STORY-UCR the power of the gospel that works in mysterious ways With this new status, I was assigned back to UCR, the same campus where I had served for two years. I was working with the same student leaders from last year but with two different staffs that had been assigned to this campus.  […]

3277 students were approached personally. 1215 personal spiritual conversations were had. 2536 group gospel presentations were made. 148 people indicated a decision for Christ. 516 times, The Gospel was personally presented Thank you to those who prayed. Thank you especially to those who led. Let these changed lives spur you on as you begin to […]

SUMMER MISSION TO VIETNAM​ by Yoori Jang As the trip that took a huge chunk of my summer, it was the most significant in my personal growth. Because it was my first time leading a team as the only staff, I had to wrestle through fears and anxieties while constantly wondering if I was doing a good […]

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