The gospel was meant to be shared, not selfishly kept to oneself.

Hi, I’m Belle. I’m currently a senior at Hunter.
I entered college unsure of what I wanted to do with my future but I was definitely seeking something. One day, I was sitting in the hallway waiting for my next class when 3 girls approached me and told me about KCCC.
Through their action of approaching me, I was introduced to BDT and I started to attend BDT. Their initiation made me see that Christians should share their faith even to strangers, and I was blessed and was able to grow in my faith through BDT.
Each Saturday for 4 weeks, I learned a new aspect of God, His kingdom, and how that related to His plan for my life. I always wondered, what was God’s plan for me? I realized what was God’s plan for me at BDT when they told us about the Great Commision. After Jesus resurrected and appeared to his disciples, he said to them “…go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” Jesus
told all His followers to be his representatives throughout the world. The gospel was meant to be shared, not selfishly kept to oneself.
At BDT, they introduced me to the 4 Spiritual Laws which I thought was so simple that my jaded heart thought it would be ineffective in evangelism. Before going to witness, Grace gsn and I would always pray that the Holy Spirit to direct and empower us in choosing who to approach and what to say. Sharing the 4 Laws with students on campus taught me how to be a witness for Christ. I noticed how little people knew or understood why Jesus died on the cross or His love for them. I saw how the 4 Laws shed truth about sin and redemption upon people’s lives. The response to God’s love was to serve, obey, and love God. Not only did the 4 Laws teach me how to share the gospel to people but it also deepened my understanding of the Holy Spirit working in me. I was fulfilling The Great Commision through witnessing and I never felt so connected to God as much as I did when I went witnessing.
In continuation of BDT, last summer, I committed to go on missions to Central Asia since I wanted to be used by God in an unreached place of the world. Central Asia is an Islam country. I didn’t know how differently it would be to share the gospel since it was a closed country and we couldn’t use the 4 Laws openly. Being intentional in my meetings with the college students there took a lot of effort and carefulness since we had to ease our way into sharing the gospel. In our time there, my team and I were able to share the gospel to 6 Muslim college students and most of them were hearing it for the first time in their lives. It is really difficult to share the Gospel with even one Muslim person, let alone 6 in 3 weeks! A local staff and I were even able to share the Bible to one of the friends I made there. I learned that the results of sharing the gospel aka “spiritual fruit” is produced slowly, not overnight; the same way a plant grows. God is like a gardener who prunes the branches. In gardening, pruning allows you to shape and direct the growth of a tree, so it looks full and healthy throughout
its life. In the same way, initially sharing the gospel to people is like planting a seed in their hearts and trusting that God will shape their life into the person He wants them to be. I believe that God will grow the seeds I planted there so I praise God. I’m a living result of the seed that those girls first planted in my heart and I’m really grateful for the ways I grew in Christ through BDT and the people I reached for Christ
through missions!