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In the past four weeks, we prayed, and became friends and shared the Gospel

In the past four weeks, we prayed, and became friends and shared the Gospel


Thank you for your prayers for East Asia. As a team of 6, in the past four weeks, we prayed, and became friends and shared the Gospel with many T University students who will be the future leaders of East Asia! We approached a total of 132 students, and had spiritual conversations with 51 students and shared the Gospel with 14 of them. 

Due to the influence of the government, traditions, and family beliefs, majority of the East Asian students we met were atheists whose goal in life was to get a good job and to build a family. The thought of believing in religion was unheard of for them, and they assumed that religion was just something that weak people hold on to in order to help themselves. Despite their atheistic beliefs, God opened some of the students’ hearts toward Him, like our friends F and N. 

We shared with F about how God has been working in our life through a movie called “Facing the Giants.” One of the inspirational scenes in the movie was where a football player was blindfolded and he had to bear crawl with a 160 lb guy on his back across an entire football field. In the scene, the coach was by his side motivating him not to give up the whole time, and what the player thought was 50 yards actually ended up being 100 yards. We shared with F that this reflects how Jesus is with us all the time. He is our constant motivator and guidance. We might not know what our future will look like and sometimes it feels like we are walking on a dark road, but we can hear His voice because he will guide us. This allowed F to start thinking more about who God is.  (Testimonies of Students B and J in Mission Team)

We also shared about God with N by talking about life and death. For N, she did not believe that there is anything after death. “Death is just for the living people to remember” she said. On our last conversation, she shared about her upbringings, her struggles when she was growing up, as well as the grief of her grandfather’s death. As we shared our testimony of how God has given us hope, joy and peace in our life, N was really attentive and curious to listen to what we have to say. Yet, even after we shared how God loved us while we were sinners, how He send His only Son, Jesus, to die on the cross for our sins, how Jesus resurrected, and how we were able to have a relationship with God, N was still unsure whether or not she wanted to have this faith and relationship with God for herself. She was not sure if there is a God out there, but she was curious and she wanted to search more and to think about it further. Through this conversation, N started to think more about God and the purpose of life. (Testimonies of Students M in Mission Team)

Although no one accepted Christ into their lives as their Savior and Lord, we are thankful for the seed of the Gospel that we have planted in their hearts and we believe that it will bear fruit in God’s timing.