the power of the gospel that works in mysterious ways

With this new status, I was assigned back to UCR, the same campus where I had served for two years. I was working with the same student leaders from last year but with two different staffs that had been assigned to this campus. 

Fall quarter was encouraging on many levels and I can only say that it was the Lord’s favor on our campus that our students were the way they were. To start off, we had only 2 students on DPD (daepyodan or student reps) which is the smallest team that UCR has had in years, but we utilized that to give more opportunities to soonjangs (disciplers) to serve in various ways. The turnout was better than we had thought, because we had more than enough volunteers for all the roles that we needed them to fill. We also had a wonderful group of freshmen that stuck around with our ministry from Zero Week, and we continued to get newcomers throughout the quarter that wanted to be plugged into a small group. Freshmen were willingly coming out to our morning prayers, witnessing meetings, and all other weekly gatherings, challenging the upperclassmen to come out more. There was a greater level of commitment that we saw from our soonjangs to our ministry’s mission and vision, and we saw them faithfully meeting with their disciples for SMI (discipleship meeting). We even had almost perfect attendance at our weekly SJ training (student leaders’ training) with 18 soonjangs!  
We were all in awe as we realized once again the amazing things that God had done for us on our campus. And we were reminded of the power of the gospel that works in mysterious ways.

Yoori Jang

UCR Campus Staff