Campus Welcome Week Schedule

Welcome to the campus.
Here is the rough schedule of Soon Movement Welcome Week of each campus.

Sign up: 8/13-16(M-Th) 10am to 4pm
Korean BBQ night: 8/14 Tue. 6:30pm at MLC
Pizza and Orientation: 8:16 Thu. 6:30 pm

Sign up: 8:20-23 (M-Th) 10 am to 4 pm
Korean BBQ night: 8/21 Tue.6pm @ Howey L3
Pizza and Game: 8/23 Thu @ IC 109

Club Fair: 9/6, 5pm-8pm
Korean BBA and Orientation: 9/11 Tue.6 pm place TBA

Club Fair: 9/6, 11am-3pm
Korean BBA and Orientation: 9/12 Wed. 6 pm place TBA

Club Fair: 9/1, 8:30pm-11pm
Korean BBA and Orientation: 9/5 Wed. 6:30 pm @ Callaway 101

It will be updated as soon as the time and place confirmed.