SOON Movement Global

Summer Mission Assignments

SOCAL Missions

Join us this summer as staff and college students go around the world
to bring the good news to the people who need Jesus and see God move in their lives!

Through the mission, students will bring the Gospel to those who are in need of Jesus, learn about God’s heart for the world, grow close to God, and experience the meaning of Christian community.

Join us for the most exciting adventure you can have this summer!  

Ministry Detail


    Asia Minor (2nd)
    Indonesia (2nd)
    Japan (2nd)
    Thailand (2nd)
    Southeast Asia (1st)
    *Countries are subjects to change


    First wave (approximately 6/4 - 6/24)
    K-CON (6/26-6/30)
    Second wave (approximately 7/2 - 7/22)
    *Korea conference is a part of missions unless a particular team plans not to attend, so keep an eye out on those dates!

  • COST

    will be announced

  • Registration Deadlines

    Early Bird: March 4 (Sat)
    Regular: March 16 (Thu)

  • Registration Fee

    Early Bird: $70
    Regular: $85

  • Mission Training

    First Mission Training: March 4 (Sat)


Asia Minor is predominantly a Muslim country. It is located in the Middle East and is considered an unreached country. For over 1,000 years, this region was a stronghold…


Indonesia is the largest country in Southeast Asia as an ethnically diverse nation made up of over 300 different languages spanning across thousands and thousands of islands..


Japan is a country that greatly needs the gospel of Jesus Christ proclaimed. Only approximately 1% of the people of Japan are professed Christians.


Thailand is a beautiful country known for its tropical beaches, islands, street food, royal palaces, ancient ruins and more. Although Thai people enjoy religious freedom…

Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia has experienced violence in past decades, and although peace now prevails, much division and mistrust exist among its peoples…