SOON Movement Global is a ministry of the global movement of Campus Crusade for Christ International and an interdenominational ministry committed to spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ everywhere. Our vision is every campus, community, and the world transformed with the gospel of Jesus Christ through the Korean/Asian American movement. Our mission is helping to fulfill the Great Commission through the power of the Holy Spirit by winning, building, and sending spirit-filled disciples everywhere. We are dedicated to working together with millions of Christian individuals, churches, and organizations all over the world.

what we do


Campus Ministries are active in 35 campuses which are located 5 different regions, Atlanta, Boston, Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco Bay Area. Weekly Large group meeting, SOON-Moim, Soonjang training, Witnessing meeting,
Morning Prayer, Sarangbang/Jarangbang

Come, help change the world. Explore what the Lord is doing in the nations with SOON Movement on Summer Missions. Let’s do something extraordinary.

Higher Calling Conference is an annual winter conference for college students to experience personal revival, and to seek their life vision and calling from the Lord. During the conference, we share the love of Christ, build them up to be disciples of Christ, and challenge them to live missional life.

A weekly gathering for prayer movement dedicated to ‘standing in the gap’ and continually raising up intercessors for our campuses, churches, families, and all nations. All campuses gather together.

Community Ministry collaborates with churches to reach out people for Christ. We also equip and train church members to be Christ-centered leaders who can be able to make disciples within the surrounding community.

Nazareth Brothers ministry consists of working men and women, who were once involved with our campus ministries as college students. We extend our training to these men and women, in order to continually ensure their spiritual growth, and to exhort them to continually make disciples within their working

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We are in 35 campuses which are located in 5 different regions. Find the campuses we are active near your area, Atlanta, Boston, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco Bay Area.

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In today’s age, God is mightily using Koreans to spread the gospel to the ends of the earth. Wherever Korean-American college students go to spread the gospel, they are greatly influencing the mission field. We believe these college students are dreamers who dream for the future. We want to help them to dream dreams of God’s holy vision. Even though they only make up 3% of world’s entire population right now, college students will become the future leaders in many respective fields of the society. That is why we call them the “Powerful Percent.” Us staff members here at the SOON Movement wholeheartedly commit ourselves in planting of Jesus Christ in the hearts of these college students, so that through them the true season of Christ can come to us. Fulfilling the Great Commission cannot be done alone. We need partners who could pray and financially support these wonderful people of God. We strongly urge you to prayerfully consider becoming our committed partners for this generation.

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