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Each ministry of Cru, as well as individual staff members, gather a team of people who fund the work to which God has called us. Our efforts are only made possible through the generous donations and prayers of people like you, vital partners in ministry. Thank you.Fulfilling the Great Commission cannot be done alone.  We need partners who could pray and financially support these wonderful people of God.  We strongly urge you to prayerfully consider becoming our committed partner for this great work.

give for staffs

We are a nonprofit organization and have no central funds. Staff members, including the president of Cru, raise support to cover salaries, benefits and expenses. Then each staff member has a team of partners who pray for him or her.


We believe college students are dreamers who dream for the future. We want to help them to dream dreams of God's holy vision. SoonMovement here wholeheartedly commit ourselves in planting of Jesus Christ in the hearts of these college students, so that through them the true season of Christ can come to us.

give for higher calling

Every year, the Higher Calling Conference Team has been working together with local churches to help youth and college students know God and be committed to Him. Your giving ensure that our work continues.

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