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Walk literally in the footsteps of the Apostle Paul. Have the Bible come to life as you go back to where Christianity all started. Unravel pre-conceived misconceptions of Islam as you engage with top-tier students in the Middle East


A land with a rich history and that once held a large portion of Asia under their control, Mongolia has since been written off by many people as a place largely unknown to most people in the Western world.


War. Communism. A heaping bowl of noodles. Perhaps these are the things that first come to mind when you first think of SEA. But, in recent years, the country has grown through open doors and economic reforms. General stability within the country has risen as the country has strayed from its stringent Communist ideals.


Thailand is bound by complicated beliefs in mysticism and reincarnation as a result of the strong Buddhist influences that are engraved within their culture. Although their loyalty to the king becomes a challenge for us sharing the Gospel, the people are very open and hospitable.


The people of The Philippines are some of most loving ones in the world. They embrace and love Americans. And because they enjoy Americans and their culture, you will have no problem striking up conversation.