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Finally found a way to easily share the Gospel – Grace Chung

Hello, my name is Grace Chung and I am a freshman.  Before entering college, I feared of sharing the Gospel to people, even my close friends. I didn’t know where to begin, and I was afraid of people’s judgments and rejection. However, in 2015, I was invited to Higher Calling and was introduced to the Four Spiritual Laws. Recognizing the booklet from my dad’s car, I immediately took interest and was excited to have finally found a way to easily share the Gospel.
The day after Higher Calling was the Christmas Eve service, and there was a guy who hasn’t attended church in a while. So, being filled with the Holy Spirit, I boldly approached him with my very first Four Spiritual Laws and, by God’s grace, he came to accept Christ that day! After entering college, I eagerly went witnessing with my fellow brothers and sisters. Then, in second semester, I joined BST or the Basic Soonjang Training. From there, one day, Yoori GSN lead the lesson of “How to share the Four Spiritual Laws,” and I learned about the importance of success
in witnessing—that it is simply taking the initiative to share about Jesus Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit and leaving the results to God. One thing that challenged me that BST day was sharing the Gospel to my two roommates in my dormitory. I feared sharing the Four Spiritual Laws to my roommates because I thought that it would be awkward to share to both of them at the same time, that they would feel pressured, and we weren’t even close to each other in the first place. But by having faith, the next day, I prayed over the room and for my roommates and asked the Holy Spirit to do His will. Thankfully, God sent my roommates into the room individually, so I got to comfortably share the Four Spiritual Laws with them one-on-one. Once again, by
God’s grace, one roommate accepted Christ and the other did not but did show signs of interest and appreciation. I felt so much joy within me because I truly experience the success in witnessing and was excited to see how God will lead them through this experience. After a few weeks, I wanted Cheyenne, the roommate who accepted Christ, to truly grow in her relationship with Jesus Christ. So, once again, gathering up my courage, I asked her if she wanted to have bible studies with me. And she enthusiastically said “yes!” So every Wednesday at 9PM after that week, we started having QT’s together, which is just reading a bible passage and meditating on it, and have been through our first follow-up booklets already. So, I unofficially had a soonwon as a freshman even before I ended BST and even before I had my an official soonwon of my own!
Through this year, I grew so much in my faith and God has been faithful to use me, shape me, and mold me even when I was scared, unfaithful, and even doubtful. This summer, God has called me to go to missions in Kobe, Japan. Just as I have significantly grown in Christ over 9 months, I believe that God will continue to make me grow during missions and use me to change lives in Japan just as He has used me to change lives here.